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ikonik-images photo/graphic is seeking all vendors that want to increase their sell-through and lower their cost to market yielding a superb ROI.

A top client & major importer of fine Italian luxury leather products recently reported an increase of over 40% in sell-through, and a whopping 750% ROI per unit after utilizing ikonik-images photo/graphic & digital imaging services; based upon a 12 month marketing study.

The short pitch is that I can lower your cost to market and increase your sell-through on any commercial product or service through outstanding photo/graphic, digital imaging & post-production services that generate customer interest and build value for your product.
I also have gathered all essential items for a "studio-to-go" platform, ideal for location product photography especially useful in those special situations when the product cannot exit your location, or control.

If the concepts of superb image quality, quick speed of delivery, and a proven exponential ROI, leading to higher profit excites your imagination, please visit the contact page & inquire for a custom tailored quote on your project or specific need.

Patrick M. Dennison
ikonik-images photo/graphic
CEO/CFO, Director/Creative

ikonik-images photo/graphic offers a complete photo/graphic, digital imaging system that will conceive, shoot, &/or post-produce your commercial product [or creatively render any service] transforming the raw images [or any supplied artwork] into user-ready digital assets per your unique specifications. ALL product or service types benefit from this highly accelerated creative process.

Digital assets are generated in an efficient & timely manner with an option of passing data via FTP file transfers, so the perfected imagery quickly begin to generate sales, contributing an exponential ROI directly to your bottom line profit.

Please peruse the various pages including "eCom Photo Editing,"  or photo/graphic portfolios found by clicking the "Ikonik Imagery" tab above, left.

-creative image production to client specifications

- e-commerce post-production image manipulation

- image re-touching & enhancement to specification 


ikonik-images' 3D-motion utilizing SwiftSpin Technology



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